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Written by CLAIRE HOLT | Aug 10, 2023
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It’s pretty apparent that I’m a shitty pregnant person. I’m either nauseous, hangry, in pain, or bitching about how MEN COULD NEVER. I’ve had a few good days here and there, but it’s mostly about surviving. Before anyone comes for me for being ungrateful, I’m tremendously grateful that I can do this. I’ve always said that. I also think that being pregnant sucks. I guess it’s just like running a marathon. It takes forever, it really hurts, and you question your sanity, but the feeling at the end is just so good and SO worth it. Anyway — here are the little things that help me get through what feels like 12 decades of incubation. 

IS Clinical face serum - I heard about this product early on and was hesitant to try since it’s quite expensive, but it works. It’s some kind of super antioxidant potion that protects, calms, and improves the appearance of the skin (don’t ask me about the science, I’m just a dumb actress). I’ve found that it’s kept acne at bay, improved the appearance of my melasma, and helped with my non-botoxed wrinkles. I’ll definitely continue using it

Smarty Pants prenatal vitamins - Listen, I have no clue about the bioavailability of the nutrients in these, but they’re the only prenatal vitamins that I’ve been able to stomach. The gummies are a little treat, and I don’t feel like I need to vom afterwards, so it’s a win win. 

Maternity FITsplint - I’ve tried about 5 different pregnancy support belts and this is definitely the best. It’s adjustable at the top and bottom, which helps with comfort and fit as the belly grows. I’m still running without pain thanks to this bad boy. 

GINS ginger chews - I lived on these chews during my first trimester. They really helped my nausea and were easy to stomach when I wanted to puke 24/7. 

Dried lavender - This is another nausea trick. Whenever I felt overwhelmed by a bad smell (garbage, bad breath, etcetera), I’d take a whiff of this little thing and it took away the urge to puke. Hide them in your bag/car/bathroom/kitchen so you’re always prepared. 

Skims soft lounge dresses - I really love these lounge dresses. They’re so comfy and fairly affordable. I’ve tried to branch out, but I keep coming back to these because they make me feel cute.

Wearing my Skims dress, the comfiest Tony Bianco sandals, and Soleil Soleil top.

Amazon compression socks - Not cute at all but I fly a lot so they’re a must. Don’t be fooled by maternity branding. You’ll pay extra for no reason. 

Birkenstock slides - I LOVE these slides. Peak comfort. I’m not gonna say birks are back because they never left ok!

Cure electrolyte powder - I add electrolytes to my water before a workout and in the morning, and also before bed. Tastes delish so it makes it easy to stay hydrated. I like LMNT but sometimes it tastes a little too salty to me so I usually stick with Cure. 

Expecting Better by Emily Oster - This is my pregnancy bible. As far as I’m concerned every single pregnant person (and their partner) should read it. It’s a straightforward, data driven guide that eased a lot of my anxiety. I revisit it every time I’m knocked up. 

Supergoop Glowscreen - Sunscreen is the most important part of my skincare routine because I get crazy melasma. This is my go-to. It’s non toxic, never oily, and leaves your skin glowing. Love it. 

Kora face oil and gua sha - I’ve been using this oil for a few years now and I’m thrilled that I can keep using it throughout my pregnancy. It’s so nourishing and smells divine. I also use it with my gua sha tool, which really helps with pregnancy swelling.  

Amazon maternity leggings - Ashley Madekwe posted these on instagram a few months ago and I immediately bought two pairs. I’ve since bought two more because they’re the best I’ve tried. No middle seam, just enough compression, and they don’t roll down or turn into hammer pants.

Wearing the Amazon leggings with compression socks, Birkenstocks, and a New Balance sweater.

Belly wedge pillow - I’ve never been a fan of the oversized pregnancy pillows, but I do love a belly wedge. I shove it under my side and it supports my stomach, without taking up half the bed. As I get further along, I find it impossible to sleep without it. 

Normatec recovery boots - A reallll splurge but these are great for relieving swelling and leg pain. I originally bought them for running but they’re so helpful - especially in the last trimester when you turn into the Michelin man.  

I am clearly not a doctor (even though I received an honorary medical degree from Google). Always ask your OB if you have questions about products etc. Bye!

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    Madison Howland | 08.24.2023 | 05:47PM

    Thank you so much for always being genuine and real:). Your journal entries help keep me sane, motivated and not so alone in the way I’m feeling throughout pregnancy. Hope all is well!