My postpartum + newborn checklist.

Written by CLAIRE HOLT | Feb 29, 2024
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Here’s a long overdue roundup of all the items that got me through birth, postpartum, and the delicious newborn phase. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from doing this a few times, it's to be prepared! That way you’re not panic purchasing stuff at 3am in a puddle of tears and spit up. I had three vaginal deliveries so I’m not in the know for c section recovery. If you are, help out in the comments pls!

Hospital bag

Ok I know I said be prepared but I definitely left this to the last minute. Do as I say, not as I do. You don’t need a shit ton of stuff. The pillows/sheets/towels are fine for a day or two, please don’t get dramatic and bring a large suitcase with fancy linens and 17 outfits for your newborn. 

Charger. Get the one with the reallllly long cable. 

Portable speaker. It's so nice to have music playing when you give birth. Highly recommend it, even if you don’t think you’ll want it. 

Flip flops or slides. Trust me. 

Snacks. You’re not supposed to eat in labor but I did because I’m a rule breaker and a very hungry person. Don’t copy me, I don't wanna get sued. AFTER however… have at it. You’ll be starving from the mammoth effort so make sure you pack enough. I loved these bars because they’re dairy-free which I ended up needing for the little man. 

Nursing bra x 2. I loved these bras so much. Not cheap (~$50) but they work for both nursing and pumping and they’re really comfortable. 

Nipple balm. Also doubles as a lush lip balm. 

Perineal spray. In case you tear. 

Large high-waisted underwear. Get the ugliest/largest ones you can find. 

Cozy PJs. Two or three sets because you will SWEAT. I love Eberjey and Polkadot England. Not cheap but last for years so I think they’re worth it. Cost per wear, baby!

Hair brush and toiletries. Don’t overdo this because you don’t need to look like you’re going to a gala. A little tinted moisturizer and blush doesn’t hurt for the obligatory family photos. Face wash and moisturizer/face oil are a must though. 

Clothes to wear home. Something loose and breastfeeding-friendly if you plan to do that. I loved these Soleil Soleil sets during pregnancy and they were great for after birth too. Elastic waistbands for the win. 

Baby onesie and hat. Don’t fret over choosing the perfect outfit. They’ll look cute in anything. Just bring one that's NB sized and one 0-3 since you don’t know how big they’ll be. I love Magnetic Me since they’re soft, cute, and make diaper changes very easy. 

They’ll give you all the pads and diapers you need, although you could bring your own super soft ones if that’s your vibe.


You’re kinda banged up and everything looks a little scary. Just remember that it doesn’t last forever!  

Pads. I love the Cora organic pads but you’re probably going to need some heavy duty ones the first few days. Some people like disposable underwear but I always found it annoying to take all my clothes off every time I had to change, so the pads seemed easier. 

Frida peri bottle. This one is much better than the one they give you at the hospital. The angled nozzle really does it for me. 

Pump.  I used the Meedela and it worked great. I like that it's quite small and has a portable adaptor. I have to really work at my milk supply and I found this to be *almost* as good as the hospital grade version. 

Manual pump. This is great for pumping emergencies. Shove it in your purse and whip it out when you’re stuck in traffic and about to burst. 

Spare pumping parts. If you end up pumping a lot like I did, you’re going to want at least a few extra bottles/flanges. Otherwise you’re washing every time you pump and it’s a real pain in the ass. 

Storage bags. Wishful thinking for me since I didn’t really produce enough to freeze but get them just in case! I pray the milk gods smile on you! 

My Breast Friend nursing pillow. This is a must if you plan on breastfeeding. It makes the process way more comfortable, which is important given you’ll be spending a billion hours a day doing it. 

Zip-up hoodie. Easy access and super comfy. I had three diff ones and wore them on repeat. 

Supportive leggings. There are differing opinions around compression vs leaving the belly relaxed. For me, compression is more comfortable. I loved these leggings and really felt supported.

Nursing tank. I have so many of these because they made getting dressed very easy. Anyone want them?

Deodorant. You’re going to smell. Sorry. Nothing you can do about it. If you’re all about the natural deodorants, make sure you get one that works like Curie or Necessaire. If all else fails just slap on your husband's Old Spice. Desperate times. 


The sleep deprivation is real but this stage goes so fast. They really don’t need that much stuff — just all your time and attention!

Doona car seat and stroller. I know it’s expensive but I really think this is worth the money. Makes life so easy when you don’t have to switch between a stroller and car seat. 

Did I mention magnetic onesies? Get them 

Diapers. I love Coterie. Not cheap but so so so soft and absorbent.

Dr. Brown’s bottles. I like the glass bottles best. Start with the preemie nipples and work your way up. 

Bottle warmer. I tried a few and they’re all pretty much the same. I’d probably go with this if I had to choose, because you can see how long is left from a distance. Obviously I didn’t read the instructions so I have no idea what the other buttons do but it seems multifunctional!

Disposable changing pads. If you have a boy, they pee everywhere whenever you take their diaper off. Lay these on top of your regular changing pad so you don’t have to wash it every hour on the hour.

Pacifiers. They always end up on the floor so get a few. Ford loves these. 

Muslin burp cloths. I like to get organic ones since the baby’s face is constantly touching them.

Washcloths. These are the softest things ever. Elle has a pink set and takes one with her everywhere (even to school). 

Boon drying rack. I got two because I had so many damn pump parts.  

This dish tub. Great for soaking bottles/parts until you get around to washing them. It has a little drain in the bottom so you don’t have to fill the whole sink. 

Gripe water, gas drops, probiotic drops with Vit D: Babies are gassy af. This stuff really helps.  

Frida snot sucker. I have the electric one for the bigger kids but I prefer this for little babies because you can control the suction. 

Halo sleepsack swaddle. I like these because you can tuck the arms, or leave them out. More options are always better. 

Aden + anais swaddles. I love these for daytime swaddling and all round coziness. 

Magic Merlin sleepsuit. This is great when they’re a little older (we started Ford at 8 weeks). Don’t ask me how it works - magic I guess! 

4moms Momaroo baby swing. All my babies have loved this chair/swing. I don’t really get the baby bjorn cause you have to bounce it manually. This one makes life easy. 

Tummy time mat. This one is affordable and really great. The colors are a little ghastly but at this point who cares about aesthetic.

Tub. This 4moms tub is great because it tells you the temperature of the water. Also love the Angelcare bath support since it sits in your big tub. 

Wabi sterilizer. It’s large but it works so well. You can also use it to store bottles until you’re ready to use them. We’ve had ours since James was born and it's still going strong. 

Barefoot Dreams blanket. SO soft and delicious. I like to give these as baby gifts. 

Bumpsuit carrier. I am obsessed with this carrier. I’ve used it so much. 

I’m sure I’m forgetting stuff but I’m hungry so this will have to do! 

C xx

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  • H
    Hellentina | 03.14.2024 | 02:57PM

    tyysm for this! due in 10 weeks & definitely going to order some of these!

  • V
    Vhecky | 03.14.2024 | 02:57PM

    Belly binder for those csection mommas. Helps hold everything in. Long sleeve gownsssss I lived in them. A bottle sterilizer to save a butt load of time with washing bottles!

  • M
    Maria Adams | 03.14.2024 | 02:57PM

    As an expecting first time mom, this was SO helpful !!!!

  • L
    Leanna | 03.14.2024 | 02:57PM

    First time mum and everything is so overwhelming! This is so helpful. Baby due next month! 🥹🥰 (UK)