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Written by CLAIRE HOLT | Jun 5, 2023
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Elle hates balloons so she wasn't down to participate. She's equally thrilled.

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  • J
    Jennifer | 09.28.2023 | 04:10PM

    Such a sweet lovely way to announce the baby’s gender!

  • S
    Skylar Bence | 08.10.2023 | 06:51PM

    I absolutely LOVE that you have an actual blog. And thank you for sharing 💗

  • e
    eden alushi | 06.20.2023 | 12:18PM

    you are such a GREAT person

  • M
    Maria | 06.20.2023 | 12:18PM

    Congratulations. I love how Andrew was super excited. Best wishes.

  • T
    Teona | 06.20.2023 | 12:18PM

    Claire, Hi! I’m Teona, I’m from Georgia(Tbilisi) I just wanted to tell you that I love your blog and humor! I’m a teacher and your blog really helps me in terms of replenishing my vocabulary.(I always have my pen and notebook next to me, while reading your blog) Thank you for being such an inspiration for so many people and for me !

  • C
    Camila | 06.20.2023 | 12:18PM

    Congratulations Claire! I wish you and your family the best. Love from Argentina.

  • M
    Maya | 06.20.2023 | 12:18PM

    I think that it is a girl❤️ and I hope all the best for you❤️

  • T
    Thegim09 | 06.20.2023 | 12:18PM

    Congratulations on your new arrival
    Best wishes to you during this exciting time and can’t wait to see the newest member of your family. Takecare

  • A
    Akshitha | 06.20.2023 | 12:18PM

    OMGGGG Claire!!! I’m so happy for you 🤗

  • A
    Anna | 06.20.2023 | 12:18PM


  • c
    cassey Walsh | 06.20.2023 | 12:18PM

    its so cute how excited your husband was!

  • C
    Chandler Aley | 06.20.2023 | 12:18PM

    i’m guessing a girl!!

  • c
    charlie johnson | 06.20.2023 | 12:18PM


  • M
    Makenna Nabarrette | 06.20.2023 | 12:18PM


  • E
    Eni Pema | 06.20.2023 | 12:18PM

    We are happy for u ❤️ a

  • B
    Beatrice | 06.20.2023 | 12:18PM

    It’s a girl😍