Answering Instagram questions, June 2024

Written by CLAIRE HOLT | Jun 7, 2024
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Tips for losing weight?

Why am I so triggered by this question? I almost feel bad about answering it directly because we’ve been conditioned to think that weight loss is somehow anti body positivity. But it’s a legitimate question, so I’ll answer with what has worked for me (as a completely unqualified civilian - listen to your doctor!!!).  Focus on getting strong and fit, and the rest will come. Focus on taking care of yourself so that you can chase your babies (or fur babies), and climb the stairs in your 80s.

I know it's a daunting prospect. I gained +/- 40lbs in all of my pregnancies, and the thought of getting in shape again made me queasy. But I also know how important it is for me to feel my best physically and mentally, and exercise/nutrition plays a big role. Start small and just move your body as much as you can. Take the stairs, park a little further away than you normally do. Don’t underestimate the power of NEAT (non exercise activity thermogenesis). You don’t need to run a marathon, walking is great. Strength training is also super important (no you wont turn into the Incredible Hulk). Don’t get stuck in the cardio rut and try to burn as many calories as possible. Nothing changes your body the way strength workouts do. I highly recommend signing up for an app to stay consistent. I love Pvolve, Soto method, Obe fitness, and Peloton. There are so many to choose from. Pick one that doesn’t make you want to cry. You can also find lots of free strength workouts on YouTube which is a great hack.

IGNORE THE SCALE. It lies. Progress photos are a great way to see change without being a slave to the scale. And don’t be disappointed if it’s not immediate. I stalled many times during all three of my postpartum journeys. Just keep at it and change will happen. Nutrition is also super important. Get enough protein, healthy fats, and fiber. Load your plate with veggies. Meal prep really helps so you don’t end up devouring a large bag of tortilla chips cause you’re starving. I will say that it’s also important to enjoy your life. Have a piece of cake on your friend's birthday, or finish your kid’s grilled cheese crusts because they’re so so delish. Just don’t do it all the time. The key is to make changes that you can stick with. I did all those stupid crash diets in my 20s (I once ate only meat for 7 days, not a single veg crossed my lips), and they’re the worst. The weight loss doesn’t last because a) you’re miserable and b) it’s not sustainable. Be patient, be consistent, and focus on health/wellness vs being the skinniest version of yourself. It’s great for mental health too. I’ve never met a single problem that I couldn’t out-run ;)

I know I said you don’t have to run a marathon but remember when I ran a marathon

High maintenance things to be low maintenance day to day?

Oooo I like this question because this is my MO. I’m obsessed with brow and lash lamination and tinting. I go every six-ish weeks and it pretty much replaces brow pencil and mascara on a daily basis. I do end up retinting my own brows about every two weeks, but it takes five mins and makes a huge difference.

I’ve also been very bullish on the spray tan/self tanner for the past few years. Takes you from a 2 to a 10 immediately. It’s definitely a high maintenance undertaking, but then you don’t need to worry about makeup and spend the week feeling like a bronzed goddess (with the added bonus of avoiding wrinkles and sun damage). I love an apres gel nail cause they glue those bad boys on and they last a good three weeks. Takes 1.5 hours but they’re strong as shit which means fewer nail salon visits. Sadly my high maintenance Botox only lasts me two months at a time so I’m not really getting any bang for my buck there but I just can’t quit.

Here’s the brow tint I use and here’s how I do it. My fave self tanners are Beauty by Earth for body and face and the Tan Lux tanning drops

Current makeup faves?

I’m going for the no makeup-makeup look this summer. Mainly cause I can’t be assed doing more than that. 

- It Cosmetics CC cream / SPF. It’s pretty high coverage without being cakey. I mix with sunscreen for a slightly more sheer finish. Never makes me breakout

- Charlotte Tilbury blush in pillow talk. The perfect color

- Anastasia brow definer to fill in and gaps (don’t do this during the day if they’re tinted and laminated)

- Makeup by Mario nude palette 

- Honest mascara 

- Charlotte Tilbury iconic nude lip liner 

- Aquaphor ointment on the lips

How do you manage work/life balance with kids? How do you cope with mum guilt?

Yah I’m not great at this one. When I’m leaning into mum life I miss being creative, and when I’m working I miss the shit out of my kids. I feel bad when I’m not there for meals, or school drop off, or jiu jitsu class. I pine for them when I’m away. But I also love to work and stay busy and interact with grownups. I lovedddd being on set (which feels like a decade ago now). I miss the validation at times, since some parts of motherhood are pretty thankless. It’s a messed up notion but it’s the truth. I’m hopeful that I’ll find a way to return to acting at some point. I’m hopeful that my kids will continue to thrive even if I’m not there 24/7. It’s honestly probably good for them if I can just wrap my head around it.

I think the most important thing here is recognizing that the guilt is normal and the balance is HARD. It means we care deeply about our kids. But we also don’t stop being our own person the second we pop them out. I’m learning to be less hard on myself through it all, but it's a process. Let me know if you figure it out before I do!

I also cannot believe this was considered “work” lol. The imposter syndrome was RAGING but then I gave myself a lil pep talk and leaned in babyyyy

How to avoid feeling overwhelmed as a mum?

Meditation! Breathwork! Sit in your driveway in silence! Do whatever you gotta do to calm your mind. There have been times when I’ve placed a crying kid in their bed and walked out of the room to pull my shit together. I try to explain to them that I’m having a hard time with my feelings and need a minute to take some deep breaths. I do my best to practice what I preach. Model what I teach. This shit is tough and no one, I repeat NO ONE, is able to navigate parenthood without feeling overwhelmed every once in a while. Remind yourself what matters at the end of the day. Food, shelter, and love. That’s it. All the sleep schedules, and extracurricular activities, and perfectly curated bento boxes don’t mean as much as we think.

Sorry if you’re triggered by food-filled open mouths but 3 year olds don’t understand etiquette. Also how cute are weeee!!!??? 

What are your summer staples?

- Matching sets. Soleil Soleil is my go to. One of my fave Aussie brands

- Simple tanks. Love my Toteme tank a lot. I only have one and I wear it over and over. 10/10 quality control test 

- A classic linen button down. Sezane has great options. Love the max shirt. I size up 

- A great pair of jean shorts. Agolde or bust 

- Colored Sneakers. Love my green campus (#notsambas), and am eyeing these Onitsuka tiger baddies

- Sandals. I got these from Sezane and these from ref (which I wore non stop in Cannes)

- A cute mule. My faves are my By Far Tanya sandals or my clear Gianvito Rossi mules. Had both for years and they work with almost everything. I’m good with spending money on closet staples

- Slip dresses. You can find these anywhere. Dress up or down, easy to pack. Now that I think about it I need a few more 

- Florals. Again, ref has the goods. Love this cute rose choker too

- Swim you feel great in. The Skims one piece makes me feel sexy, but not in a “omg mum you’re embarrassing us” way. I have white and black. I love Jade Swim for bikinis (tie sides are my fave), and Andie Swim for more support/postpartum 

- A straw bag. This is pricy if you FANCY and this is affordable but still v cute

- Pareos. Another Soleil Soleil specialty

- Pearls. I just bought a very cute pearl bracelet from Atolea. They’re supposed to be super durable so I’ll report back 

- These glasses from Elisa Johnson. I want them in other colors but they’re sold out :( 

- Rumor Rose cause duh

Florals + Sandals (preferably in France) 

How did you stop breastfeeding? Realistic step by step please…

This is niche so skip over it if you don’t have milky boobs. Stopping breastfeeding always sends me into a tailspin but I think I’ve got it figured out now. And don’t even THINK about passing judgement on this person, or on me. You gotta do what’s best for you and if that means drying those tatas up, you go for it. This time it took me about two weeks to wean. I was exclusively pumping at the time so he was already used to the bottle - if you’re breastfeeding you’ll need to introduce the bottle first.

Once you know that your baby will take it, you can start by switching out one feeding. I like to mix breastmilk and formula for the first few days, and then move to formula only. Every two or three days I’d switch another feeding for formula. This gave both of us time to adjust. As for my own boobs, I extended the time between emptying my breasts by a few hours a day. Once I got down to a morning and an evening pump, I started to only empty off the top so I was comfortable. I took an antihistamine, an anti-inflammatory, and used CABO cream every three or four hours. I’ve managed to wean without mastitis three times, so I’d say this works pretty well. Small warning, I was an absolute basketcase during weaning and felt far more anxiety and sadness than I had at any point in my postpartum journey. I was sad that I’d never breastfeed him again, and felt that I was doing him a huge disservice (which is obviously not true). It all went away once I was finished, and I got through it by telling myself it was temporary and they were just thoughts. It’s good to be aware that this can happen so you can prepare for it. Good luck! 

How to maintain friendships.

Text that you’re thinking of them and start up a convo, forget to reply and then respond three days later to continue convo. 

On rare occasions you may FaceTime (don’t ever call). 

Plan a girls night a month in advance and reschedule at least twice before it actually happens. After said girls night, text the group that you should definitely do this more often but don’t actually do it more often.

Send memes to each other and reply lololol back and forth until the end of time. 

Support each other's emotionally unstable behavior and or social media stalking. (share finsta login if available)

Do not ever accidentally like a photo of someone they are showing you. This is grounds for friendship termination.

Comment fire emojis, “queeeen”, or “omg” on their posts.

The best of the best 

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