A day in the life: Cannes Film Festival

Written by CLAIRE HOLT | Jun 2, 2023
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9:30 a.m

I always feel like a lazy sack of shite when I sleep this late. Doesn’t matter that I have no kids, am jet lagged, and stayed up until 2:30am - any wake up after 7:00am means I’m a degenerate. I should probably unpack that in therapy. I throw on sweats (note to self: you’re in Cannes goddamit put in some effort) and run downstairs for breakfast. I’ve got my buffet haul on lock - 3 pieces of bread, scrambled eggs, 1lb of butter, yoghurt, a plate of fruit, and a latte. Sounds like a lot but you’d be surprised how hard it is to get a good meal in this town. Thrilled that I can enjoy coffee again after 8 weeks of being disgusted by it. I go over the schedule with my friend and stylist, Amarsana. Everyone seems kind of stressed but I’m in a food coma so nothing bothers me. I roll myself back to my room to digest a little before throwing on my workout gear and heading to the gym.

12:30 p.m.

I head back up to my room through the swarm of people scrambling with garment bags. We still haven’t totally locked in my look for the day but Amarsana is the GOAT so I’m not stressed about it. I’ve got about 2 hrs before I have to start getting ready so I handle my emails/life admin and spend an hour reading. I haven’t read a book in months - mainly because I’m asleep 30 seconds after my head touches the pillow at night - but since I’m footloose and fancy (child-free) I let myself indulge. I love Colleen Hoover books and am desperate to finish It Starts With Us, since the prequel It Ends With Us is one of my favorites. I’m well and truly relaxed when it’s time to start getting ready. Yes, it makes me feel guilty. Yes, I know it’s stupid but I can’t help it. Another thing to unpack I guess. 

Photo by Ryan Ayash 

2:30 p.m.

I shower, do my skin prep, and start in hair with my crazy talented stylist for the day, Sasha. We’re going for an old Hollywood glam look which is one of my favorites. Not so easy to accomplish with my normal short/fine hair, but thanks to my trusty extensions we’re in business. My makeup artist, Jose (who I’m obsessed with) shows up at 4 for my face beat. Amarsana arrives around the same time with the custom red dress that I’d been set to wear, but something on her face says she’s not sold. She taps away on her phone and bolts out the door which is not unusual given she’s the busiest gal in Europe right now, so we push on as planned. About an hour later, just as Jose is about to finish with a lush red lip to match the gown, she bursts into the room with a different dress in her hands. “The red is not right,” she says. “I’m changing the look.” She hands me a gorgeous, crystal adorned Rasario gown and we all say a little prayer as we zip it up. Miraculously, I’m able to squeeze my stomach in without tearing the fabric, and we all nod in agreement that this is the one. My boobs are squished to within an inch of their life but this is not the moment for comfort. It’s the Cannes Film Festival! Beauty is pain! We add the finishing touches including the most beautiful jewels, I snap some photos and then we head off to brave the masses.


There are hundreds of people in the lobby and I’m surrounded by a sea of beautiful models. “WTF am I doing here”, I think to myself for the millionth time on this trip. After spending weeks looking like the bottom of a shoe, it’s strange trying to fit in with this crowd. I give myself a little pep talk and jump in the car, which takes about 30 mins to go half a mile. This gives me some time to compose myself since I always get super anxious heading to these things. I feel like an imposter. As if someone’s going to stop me at security and say “oh sorry there’s been a terrible mistake, no one wants to see you, ya big LOSER”. I meditate a little, try to FaceTime my kids but get iced, and finally we arrive. It’s crazy busy on the carpet which is a little overwhelming but I keep reminding myself how lucky I am to be here. I do my best to pose with my new appendage, make my way up the stairs and the frantic part is done. 

8:30 p.m.

After the premiere, I slip into a Michael Kors dress and head out again with Amarsana. Since my sustenance for the day was peanut m&ms and Bamba Puffs (sorry kid), we walk to a gorgeous seaside restaurant for a much needed bite to eat. I order a mediocre mocktail and a less than mediocre cheeseburger, we debrief, enjoy the sound of the tiny waves, and then we’re off to the last event of the day. The Michael Kors party is on the roof of the beautiful Ritz Carlton hotel. I stay for as long as my heeled feet allow (45 mins) and hobble home, excited to chat with my babes. As much as I crave alone time, I really miss Andy and those snotty little faces when I’m gone. It’s a great reminder that no matter how hard motherhood can be at times, there is nothing in the world that means more to me. 

11:00 p.m.

I shower and scrub my face (always a shock to see the real me when all the glam is gone lol), crawl into bed, and swear to myself that I’ll never wear heels again. An empty promise no doubt. After virtually kissing my family goodnight, I drift off despite the absolute rager going on next door. Grateful for another beautiful day and thrilled that I get to experience it with a little buddy this year. 

C x

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  • I
    Isabel | 06.20.2023 | 12:18PM

    You are so real, I love it!

  • T
    Tyler C | 06.20.2023 | 12:18PM

    I absolutely love reading these and even your instagram story times and content! Your witty sarcasm is just perfect haha! Also, i’m not a mom, i’m still in college, but despite understanding how difficult/stressful being a mother and working in the film is you still manage to be a ray of sunshine and make your followers smile! You 100% inspire me to “look on the bright side” per say! Keep being you, you’re THE best!!!

  • S
    Samantha Beamish | 06.20.2023 | 12:18PM

    I would totally read this if it was a book 😊🥰 I wanted more. Love the humour, the truth and the real life insight.

  • I
    Ivy Grayson | 06.20.2023 | 12:18PM

    You are my FAVORITE celebrity-blogger wannabe-genz pleaser-mom-human ever, how do I get an autograph please? Hehe! Love you Claire!

  • H
    Heather Slack | 06.20.2023 | 12:18PM

    Thank you for sharing! You’re gorgeous, funny and I love your insight.

  • C
    Camille | 06.20.2023 | 12:18PM

    Each time I really enjoy reading the post you write feeling like reading a tiny bit of a girlpower book, take care !