WIWTM, March

Written by CLAIRE HOLT | Mar 28, 2024
If you happen to buy something, I might make commission. *Prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

The last time I did one of these I was 700 months pregnant, so I figured it was about time for a refresh. I bought some of these pieces during my pregnancy, hoping they’d still work postpartum (I can’t stand wasting money on ugly maternity jeans). Thankfully they’ve been put to good use - especially given I’m still a size larger. 

Aritzia Luxe Cashmere Sweater (belted/tucked up to shorten the sweater)
Reformation Aliceyn Silk Dress (I have the plain brown version of this dress but I love the black lace detail too)

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  • N
    Nina | 04.03.2024 | 06:03PM

    love these ❤️

  • L
    Lauryn Olson | 04.05.2024 | 01:34PM

    obsessed w u icon idol it girl

  • M
    Mabel Sanchez | 04.05.2024 | 01:34PM

    I’m Mabel from Spain. I’ m following you for a long time. I became a mother this year also, and I have the same feeling with th pregnancy as you. Thanks for sharing your experience!!!

  • P
    Pari Purswami | 04.03.2024 | 06:03PM

    Loved the oversized shirt and jeans look

  • D
    Dara Marsh | 04.05.2024 | 01:34PM

    Beautiful Claire. If I looked like you I wouldn’t have a single insecurity ♥️

  • A
    Amarsana | 04.03.2024 | 06:03PM

    Love all of them

  • S
    Suzy | 04.03.2024 | 06:03PM

    Lovely outfits!! x

  • A
    Anais | 04.03.2024 | 06:03PM

    I absolutely adore this Claire!
    I’m inlove with ur style😍🤍

  • S
    Sofus | 04.03.2024 | 06:03PM

    Love it !!!