Mob wife gloves and unbottoned ski pants in Aspen.

Written by CLAIRE HOLT | Feb 22, 2024
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We escaped to Aspen for Andy’s birthday and it did not disappoint. I LOVE the cold, and I say that knowing full well that I’m the asshole who lives in warm weather 99% of the year. I was mostly pleased that he chose this location because I got to wear 19 layers instead of a bikini, but the skiing and bonding was a really nice bonus. 

I really wanted to give you a full play by play but I’ve been trying to write this for hours and the blinking cursor keeps mocking me, so I’ll throw you some pics, links, a few captions, and we’ll call it a day. 

Shearling coats ain't cheap, but I’ve worn this one a billion times over the last 10 years. If you look at the cost per wear it’s actually not that bad. (This Rag&Bone version is older than America so here are some alts: a Toteme one that's on sale, a less expensive option from Revolve, and this is the cheapest and still cute Levi's option that you can get on Amazon.)

Paired with a Frankie Shop turtleneck and corduroy cargos. Needed some comfy and cute snow boots and these Alias Mae ones were perfect. Looks like they're closing their US shop which is a real bummer but these are a great alternative. I actually went two sizes up so I could wear them with thick socks

Probably should have tried on my ski pants before I left lol. Why tf would I get a tight pair you ask? No idea. A few people told me my fly was undone and I proudly lifted my shirt and cried “I had a baby, they don’t fit.” Awkward chuckles ensued and I was glad I wasn’t the only uncomfortable one. 

Top and bottom from Moncler. Again - not cheap - but ski gear lasts for years if not forever so maybe worth the investment? I'm wearing this jacket and I love this lilac one too. Always get some color for the mountain so you’re easy to spot if you fall/get lost. 

Loewe glasses and random beanie I bought when I was freezing my tits off in London. Also, Halfdays is a great brand for more affordable ski gear (this jacket and pant set is great).

Tried to leave some hair out like the cute ski bunnies do, but it froze and I looked insane. Serves me right I guess.  

Nothing more gorgeous than a chairlift ride of a bluebird day. I didn’t even bitch about being frostbitten. 

Bought this Marant Etoile jacket in town on the first day (black one is on sale). Love a crop that’s still warm. Wore it with a tight long sleeve from Skims and my favorite black cashmere sweatpants. Boots are Givenchy and glasses are Velvet Canyon. Bag is The Row.

For some affordable alts: this cropped white puffer from Revolve (under $100!), these $39 sunnies, Tony Bianco boots, this padded crossbody from Cos, and these under-$100 Mongolian cashmere pants from Quince.

The Ajax Tavern burger. My all time fave. I gave up dairy when I was breastfeeding so now cheese gives me a belly ache (UGH), but this was so worth it!

It is my life goal to make someone laugh the way my friend Rishi makes me cackle. Long leather gloves linked here

I had the best run of my life right after this moment. The sun came out, the snow was PERFECT, and there was no one on the mountain. I said a little thank you to the universe, and to Andy for reminding me that I’m a person (not just a mother) and that I’m allowed to do things that I enjoy without feeling bad about it. 

Can you tell my pants are undone? 

For the last afternoon/eve, I went with my favorite faux leather jacket from Frankie Shop, this Rotate sweater, and the best Agolde jeans. Threw on the leather gloves, glasses, and a thick scarf to go full mob wife. 

Headed back next month. There will be a lot less aprés and a lot more wrestling with little people in snow suits, but I cannot wait! 

C xxx

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  • N
    Natasha Smith | 02.29.2024 | 04:36PM

    Omg I LOVE listening to you talk about parenthood and having a ‘normal’ life! It’s soo refreshing to hear others talk about it, how ut ‘actually’ happens and not for show etc. We haven’t met before but you seem like such a down to earth person, taking the rough with the smooth and living life. No I’m not saying you don’t have your down days, rough days or moments or even mental breakdowns. But it’s lovely to see that you are ‘human’ and normal 🤣 good to see that you have wardrobe malfunctions and ‘hat seemed like a good idea at the time’ moments. Thankyou soo much for sharing this!! Stay safe, sane and healthy!! 🫶 tasha x

  • S
    Suzette Audiss | 02.29.2024 | 04:36PM

    This warms my heart and motivates me to plan something with my own husband since we fall into that category of best roommates forgot how to be a couple!! Gives me hope seeing how happy you are in these photos. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Alway&Forever ♾️ Momofplayer09

  • E
    Erica M | 02.29.2024 | 04:36PM

    Looks like a great time was had! Gorgeous outfits.

  • H
    Halle Mudamburi | 02.29.2024 | 04:36PM

    I was little down today and this brightened my day 💓 thank you

  • B
    Bella Tuccelli | 02.29.2024 | 04:36PM

    Yes it would help me so much if you put in your sizes, I am 5’3 and am wondering if the jeans you have linked will be too long , I have a 28 Inseam for leggings not sure about jeans

  • A
    Anaïs faye | 02.29.2024 | 04:36PM

    Loveee thisss!!!❤️❤️☺️☺️